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StatTrack is a fully functional, multi-tenant issue tracking system built with C#, .NET 7, Bootstrap, modern web technology HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery.

Quality Application

StatTrack is a great application to keep track of project progression.

Have a general overview of all projects and tickets on your dashboard, or go in to each item individually

See which tickets are assigned to what projects and how far along they are

Easily assign users to different roles, tickets, and projects

All of the information you need in once place

Easy to use

StatTrack makes it easy to create new projects or tickets, that will immediately display on the dashboard

Easily upload attachments or screenshots to help provide more information for each ticket/project

Intuitve layout

Easy file uploads

Navigation made easy

Awesome Support

Receive email notifications when a new ticket has been submitted, or a project has been created.

Easily add users in by generating an invite that will be send via encrypted email and receive an encrytped response back when they join.

Email notifications

Send users invtes to join


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